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Atena Stories

French Canadian author of fantasy and romantic adventure novels.

Discover her first translated novel “Anna”, coming up on October 29th 2022 🙂

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality” – Cheshire Cat 🐱

Atena has a fluid and dynamic style.



Tanner’s Cure Vol. 1

Available on October 29th 2022!


Anna Becker thought her life was perfect. At twenty-three, she lives in an apartment with her boyfriend while balancing a part-time job and her studies—nothing to darken her happiness.

Until the day the tide turns. 

After being heartbroken by Arthur’s betrayal, Anna discovers that she has a rare and unrecognized disease. She’s suddenly admitted to SORI, a specialized institute, to receive special treatment. 

But, this institute isn’t what it seems, and the treatment reveals side effects that she would never have thought possible. 

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