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Anna - Atena Stories

Tanner’s Cure

volume 1

A promising first volume.


Élodie, Goodreads


Anna Becker thought her life was perfect. At twenty-three, she lives in an apartment with her boyfriend while balancing a part-time job and her studies—nothing to darken her happiness.

Until the day the tide turns.

After being heartbroken by Arthur’s betrayal, Anna discovers that she has a rare and unrecognized disease. She’s suddenly admitted to SORI, a specialized institute, to receive special treatment.
But, this institute isn’t what it seems, and the treatment reveals side effects that she would never have thought possible.

The author’s pen is fluid, light, but above all addictive!


La Plume de la Louve, Amazon

Targeted audience

This novel is for young adults and adults who enjoy immersive multi-genre adventures.

Tanner’s Cure is a mix of fantasy and romance, but other genres join in, adding their touch of adventure and mystery.

Main Characters

Anna Becker

Anna is a bright 23-year-old woman who leads a very ordinary life until the day everything falls apart.  Break up, moving, and she’s told that she has a particular disease.

Propelled into an adventure beyond her, Anna will have to learn to turn the page on her past, and learn to live her new life strewn with surprises, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

I look at the reflection of my green eyes in the rearview mirror, thinking about turning the key and getting the hell out. But I feel like I have no other choice than to go in.

Aiden Jones

Aiden is a man who, despite a difficult start to life, was given a second chance.  He doesn’t believe in love for the simple reason that he has never fallen in love, and that his employment contract doesn’t allow him to meet new people in this sense. 

Despite his grumpy look and his detachment from the young patients who try to please him, Aiden’s a friendly, loyal and rather laughing man.

“This is Aiden,” she says, pointing to the man.

He greets me with a charming smile, but since I’m not pleased to meet him, I frown.

Sindel Parker

Sindel Parker is the main antagonist in “Anna”. She’s the founder of SORI, a specialized medical institute that welcomes Anna to allow her to follow a treatment.⁣

Cold and authoritarian, everyone knows that she’s in charge.  She doesn’t let herself be pushed around and she’s ready to do anything to achieve her goals.

An echo of stilettos rips me from my thoughts, and a tall, slender woman walks toward me with determined steps. Her short, silver hair softens the natural severity of her features. But, despite her welcoming smile, I’m getting nervous.

Welcome to SORI

SORI. The ‘Sciences of Organisms Research Institute.’ In other words, a lab that treats almost anything.


On the other hand, the incredible view keeps them out of focus as I admire the magnificent stone building that rises in front of me. A castle straight out of a fairy tale. My rusty old car doesn’t fit with the expensive pavement covering the parking lot, even less with the prestigious fountain decorating the center of the space.

Discover SORI’s secrets by reading this addictive romantic fantasy!


Readers Reviews

 I recommend it without hesitation if you like romances with a bit of fantasy and full of twists and turns.


Jessica, Amazon

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